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Rivers Edge Equestrian Center
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Driving Directions from Providence, RI to Rivers Edge Equestrian Center, Foster, RI
1:  Start out going Southeast on EDDY ST toward FULTON ST. 0.08 miles
2:  Turn RIGHT onto WESTMINSTER ST. 0.04 miles
3:  Turn RIGHT onto UNION ST. 0.16 miles
4:  Turn RIGHT onto FOUNTAIN ST/ US-1 N. 0.03 miles
5:  Turn LEFT onto FOUNTAIN ST/ US-1 N. 0.01 miles
6:  FOUNTAIN ST/ US-1 N becomes FRANCIS ST/ US-1 N. 0.08 miles
7:  Merge onto US-6 W via the ramp- on the left- toward HARTFORD CT.. 5.58 miles
8:  Take the I-295 N/ US-6W exit toward HARTFORD CT./ WOONSOCKET. 0.81 miles
9:  Take the US-6 W exit- exit number 6- toward HARTFORD. 0.27 miles
10:  Take the US-6 W ramp toward FOSTER. 0.02 miles
11:  Turn RIGHT onto US-6A W/ HARTFORD AVE/ GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC HWY. Continue to follow HARTFORD AVE. 3.21 miles
12:  HARTFORD AVE becomes US-6 W/ HARTFORD PIKE/ RI-101 W. 2.00 miles
13:  Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto US-6 W. 9.91 miles
14:  Turn LEFT onto CUCUMBER HILL RD. 1.62 miles
15:  Turn RIGHT onto S KILLINGLY RD. 0.26 miles
16:  Turn LEFT onto KENNEDY RD. 2.09 miles
17:  Turn RIGHT onto PLAIN WOODS RD. 0.09 miles
18:  Stay straight to go onto JENKS RD (Portions unpaved). 0.08 miles
Total Estimated Time: Total Distance: 26.37 miles
46 minutes

Rivers Edge Equestrian Center * 7 Jankes Rd. * Foster* RI * 02835